Prisoners Of Conscience Committee

Prisoners Of Conscience Committee
The Prisoners of Conscience Committee Founded by Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. during the nine years he spent in prison in the 1990's.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Is Ignorance Bliss?© – by Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.

Is Ignorance bliss?
I mean what if I didn't know some of this shit?
Would my eyes feel better if I wore rose colored glasses?
And What if I were able to see things solely subjective,
And vision be limited to "me" & I and not get caught up
with the thoughts - of the masses.
What if I no longer dealt with dialectical materialism?
and no longer related to the world as a realist?
What if at any give time I were able to blank out of my mind and to simply take my conscious and Kill it!?

What if I were able to conform and forget everything I've witnessed and dismiss every experience since the day I was born? 
What if I took a colored pill and suddenly 
were able to forgive & forget? 
Is there a certain amount of comfort in not 
recognizing race or color?

Is there refuge and relaxation in relegating to
 that of a reactionary?
Would it be deemed a good deed to be hit with dementia, and suddenly dismiss terms like contradictions,
Internationalism and politics from one's vocabulary? 

Is Ignorance bliss? 
What is it like to be able to engage in relationships with all walks of like irregardless of which side of the fence they sit.
To not be equipped to be able to engage in debates
To not be a stickler for words & terms and not make a big deal in distinguishing differences and in essence see everything as the same. 
How many relatives would I be able to relate to 
Whom I've not communicated with due to contradictions in the past?
 How many relationships could be initiated being that my eyes no longer recognized race nor class. How much more music would I be able to enjoy?
 To be able to engage in an open range of thangs,
 including the choice of clothes. To believe and not see any conspiracy with the police's deeds in Arkansas with young Chavis Carter committing "suicide" in the back of their ride. 

To put my mind at ease and simply concede that 
Black folks are being imprisoned and getting killed not due to the system of imperialism, but simply that we are born destined to die. 
 To not struggle about structure and simply let events fall as they may. 
And let those that are in charge dictate the day.

Is ignorance bliss? 
For no one knows the price that we pay for our politics. The costs; financially, literally, physically, emotionally & figuratively for deciding to RESIST!
Is Ignorance Bliss?

©ChairmanFredHamptonJr. 8.23.2012.

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