Prisoners Of Conscience Committee

Prisoners Of Conscience Committee
The Prisoners of Conscience Committee Founded by Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. during the nine years he spent in prison in the 1990's.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Chicago Police Are Suspect!

"Within the last few hours there has been breaking news that the Chicago Police have arrested 18 yr. old Michael Ward and 20 yr. old Kenneth Williams. Before addressing my concerns to say the least as to not only the suspicious circumstances of this sudden arrest and "confession" of the younger of the two individuals.  But also, much of the elements of the shooting, the aftermath, and scenario surrounding the case of Haidya Pendleton. A case that encompassed contradictions ranging from race, class to gun legislation. 

In the interest of full disclosure, I state that even prior to my birth. I've witnessed how the Chicago Police in particular and the press operate. I speak of the date of December 4, 1969. In which 21 yr. old Chairman Fred Hampton and 22 yr. old Defense Captain Mark Clark were ASSASSINATED.  And within a mere matter of minutes the press, in particular the Chicago Tribune reported what was nothing less than the Massacre on Monroe to be a vicious shoot out.  It was due to the Black Panther Party taking the position of self determination.  Not to be held to the dictates of the press, lawyers, nor anything or anyone of the sort. To open the crime scene up and conduct tours for the community in order that they see what actually occurred.  In which the community was able to conclude that the Government, and its respective hit men Hanrahan and his specially Daley designated death squad had come with nothing less than murder on their mind.

This so-called confession comes after these boys were held as "persons  of interest" over an excess of 30 hours. Yes 30 hours! Chicago has been strategically placed under the spotlight. In order to justify a further intensity of the already long waged war on Black and other oppressed people. The state has exploited the emotions of the people to the point that many have dismissed all logic. From the FOX News parading the propaganda that Black children are in control of some sort of a drug cartel and operate as some sort of killing machines independent of Imperialism. To the WVON, 1690 AM. Yes the same WVON that was reported to receive the orders from former Mayor Daley and Clear Channel to ban me from its airwaves.  This same said negroe press mouthpiece in which in a matter of minutes of hearing of the arrest. Spewed such a venomous position against Black People justifying the arrest and whatever else that the police see fit to do to Black people. That even some of the white nationalist radio stations said that coloreds comments were a bit harsh.  Some commentators have gone even as far as to say that even if the individuals were innocent. The crime is so bad, that the community should except whomever the police place in front  of a camera. I position that regardless of how much testosterone filled an individual is, rape is not justified. Regardless of the contradictions within our communities, mass kidnapping and placing us within concentration camps is not justified. Like a well written Steven Spielberg script, again this scenario calls for suspicion to say the least.

From the return of Haidya Pendleton performing at the US Presidential inauguration. And her tragic death a mere week later. We were only to be bombarded with media reports that this was some gang shooting in the Hyde Park area in the midst of a large number of witness. Then suddenly, after a funeral in which there were more (s)elected officials than a democratic convention could hold. Our community as well as, the world at large, are informed that two persons of interest are being detained. Then after an excess of 30 hours, on the same day in which US President Barack Obama is set to deliver the State of the Union Address. Where it has been understood that the death of this 15 yr. old child would be one of the major political poster children for the impending further gun legislation. What has happened to Haidya, what is continuing to happen to our communities in general. Warrant an objective investigation to say the least. For those foreign to the streets or the history of Chicago.  The mere fact that they've referred to Hyde Park as some sort of Gangland, etc. is a testament to fraudulent reporting.

If it is unbelievable that children or anyone for that matter could be unjustly snatched up. Ask the then 9 and 10 year olds that were held for countless amounts of hours before providing a false confession in regards to the rape and murder of Ryan Harris on the South side of Chicago.  Ask the guy who no one could locate now whom was taken in and falsely charged with the murder of a Chicago police. In which it was later revealed that one of his fellow officers was the assailant. Ask Jeremiah Mearday.  Ask the victims of former Lt. Jon "The Torturer" Burge.  Ask those whom were prosecuted by the former Mayor and States Attorney.  Richard Daley and Asst. States Attorney Dick Devine under what was referred to as 'niggers by the pound'. Ask those that have been forced to push drug packs by the police at the age of 13 years old. Ask those that said that they rather be 'questioned' in  Abu Ghraib Baghdad. Than being taken in by the infamous Chicago Police on a mere traffic violation.  Ask those that live and die in the streets of Chiraq. Ask 60 minutes who just reported weeks ago how Chicago is the capital for unsolved murders and false confessions. Ask the informants whom are provided pig passes or snitch cards to push plantation poison (drugs) and pop pistols without any repercussions. Ask the foreign merchants whom operate as middle men for the drug cartel cops. ask the now homeless elderly couple. Whose home was unjustly taken under a suspicious drug raid. And now belongs to one of the Chicago police. Go to Cook County Jail, Statesville, Pontiac, Menard, Centralia aka Klantralia, the graveyards! And Ask...How many of them were persons of interest or SUSPECTS!" 
                     -Chairman Fred Jr.

February 12, 2013

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