Prisoners Of Conscience Committee

Prisoners Of Conscience Committee
The Prisoners of Conscience Committee Founded by Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. during the nine years he spent in prison in the 1990's.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Just Because....

"Just because a farmer feeds a turkey more food in the beginning of November doesn't mean that he/she is concerned about the turkeys well being. Just because a police, politician or any pig for that matter asked you how you are doing? Before being questioned or before election time. Doesn't mean that they are actually concerned about your well being."  
         -- Chairman Fred Jr. POCC/BPPC

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Idealism, Naivete, And/Or Nefarious Intent

"Whether it be sentiments of idealism, naivete, and/or nefarious intent. As victims of a long waged war on our people. We must not only recognize the Black bodies that have rode in the back of hearses, and those that have been buried in one way or another by the bureaucrats that run this parasitical system. But also of that of the walking dead, the ones that have consciously chose, regardless of how much information provided to their persons to collaborate with the capitalists, as well as those that not only do as the Romans do when in Rome, but will role with the Romans out of mere aspirations. Simply race nationalism proposes that all Black people shall stand on the same side of the battlefield. However, the complexities of capitalism reveal the raw realities that through struggle, experiences, lack of experiences, contradictions ie: non-antagonistic as well as antagonistic. the enslaved as well as those that unite with the en slaver in some cases shall not only have the same skin tone, but that of the same last name amongst other commonalities. In the final summation, the politics shall redefine alliances as well as the lines. Positions taken, whether they be pro or con, adversary or ally, the pig or the people. Should not be minimized to be viewed as a personal slight or something of the sort. But in all humbleness of recognizing, the overall objective reality that we are all subjected to a sadistic system, that not only deprives us of life, but serves to snatch the souls out of us in one way or another. How each of us deal with this dogmatic dealer of death is another of question. For there is an old saying that goes that if you starve the average man long enough he'll eat anything, including himself. Then there are those whom without experiencing the slightest hunger pain, will become commercials and carnivores for capitalism. Lie cement, some have become so settled within this system that they view any of those that challenge the corporations as problematic rabble rousers or political construction workers coming with the machinery to chop up the settled concrete. Capitalism catches us in the cradle. Some of us have been breastfed boy scout politics from what we consider to be the beginning. Without any station breaks of witnessing Black people fighting back on their own terms in their interests! Unlike wine, the longer aged, the longer time invested does not necessarily produce a finer product. For as Frederick Douglass had noted "It is easier to produce a strong child than to produce a finer product. For as Frederick Douglass had noted "It is easier to produce a strong child than to repair a broken adult." In struggle, we have to remain forever mindful of our greatest asset, The People. As well as remaining cognizant of our greatest liability, the Pigs."
    --Chairman Fred Jr. POCC/BPPC

Did 'Da Daley Machine fire 'Da Boss?

Did 'Da Daley Machine fire 'Da Boss? Did the depictions of Mayor Kelsey Gramer/Kane come to Chicagoishly close to that of the 'Da Boss Richard Daley Jr., Did "fictional" top aide Shanna Lathan/Mona Fredricks portray too Hollywood good that of longtime lipservice of Daley, Jackie Heard? Did the depiction of the destruction of the Gardens project come too concretely close to the deals, construction contracts, and negroe nepotism to that of the Altgeld Gardens and other public housing sites?  -Chairman Fred Jr.