Prisoners Of Conscience Committee

Prisoners Of Conscience Committee
The Prisoners of Conscience Committee Founded by Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. during the nine years he spent in prison in the 1990's.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The 44th Anniversary of the Assassination of Chairman Fred Hampton By Ray L Baker Jr.

 44 years ago, in a vicious pre-dawn police raid, Chairman Fred Hampton, leader of the Illinois Chapter of the Black Panther Party, was assassinated. Chairman Fred was so great because he clearly saw and effectively acted on the premise that liberation could only come by changing society from rich owned to people owned. Sounds simple but this is major. 

A key task of the COINTELPRO program was to prevent the rise of a revolutionary messiah. Chairman Fred Hampton was that messiah and at the age of 21 his assassination was ordered from the highest levels of the U.S. Government.

Conscious forces have seized history, dropped the slave master name, “Monroe” and re-named the street on which Chairman Fred was assassinated, “Chairman Fred Hampton Way.” On December 4th, 2013, well over a hundred of “the people” gathered at 2337 West Chairman Fred Hampton Way. The real story was told there by the only two people who survived Chairman Fred’s deathbed on that fateful December morning, his widow and at the time, his un-born son.

An incredible display of progressive, people friendly, spoken word and music was also held on the 4th to honor Chairman Fred and Defense Captain Mark Clark and it went on all night and into the next morning.

Meanwhile, A bunch of sickening, “fair weather” ex-Panthers have banded together and have spat and continue to spit on the graves of Chairman Fred Hampton, Minister Huey P. Newton and the heroic, revolutionary legacy of the Black Panther Party. 

While the basic people face untold suffering, this group seems hell bent on resting on their laurels and staging a running, congratulatory ass kissing contest about things they did forty some years ago. This pathetic group of history buffs has joined forces with one of the most avaricious land grabbing monsters in the world, the University of Chicago (U of C) and they’ve planned events from December 2nd thru January 21st 2013, supposedly to honor Chairman Fred. 

The centerpiece of these events was a swine and cheese type art opening featuring the paintings of a French artist, Jean Michel Bruyére, who the U. of C flew in from France. “These Panthers turned historians,” the U. of C. and all the others (you know who you are) are 0 for 2 in the art department. Call me a hater but this art sucked.

In the first place, the paintings by Jean Michel Bruyére were all of Black Panther Party cofounder Bobby Seale, bound and gagged at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. The whole world was watching and it was clear that ruthless, oinking Chicago pigs brutalized Bobby Seale. Yet, the paintings by Jean Michel Bruyére make it appear that Seale had some loosely fitting unbleached muslin around his mouth gently held in place by a little piece of medical tape. This type of art paints a total misrepresentation of horrible police brutality then and now and winds up being anti people art. It loudly proclaims that what was done to the people really wasn’t all that bad. I have pictures but if you hurry you can see it for yourself at 301 E. Garfield Blvd. in Chicago.

In the second place, these “tom cats in Panther clothing,” had the unmitigated gall to launch an attack on Co-founder and leader of the Black Panther Party, Minister Huey P. Newton by staging a mime-type character in what we called back in the day a Huey P. Newton chair. This crime scene was in the window of an abandoned Harold’s Fried Chicken Shack, next door to the other crime scene at 301 Garfield Blvd. I knew you wouldn’t believe me so I included a photo. 

I have witnessed Sister Akua Njeri being an all around fighter and servant of the people for at least twenty years and while these “great pretender Panthers” were busy brainstorming about which set of reactionary capitalists they were going to sell out to, Chairman Fred Jr. was serving 9 years in prison (including the notorious Tamms Super Max) on trumped up charges for standing up for the people.

Chairman Fred Jr. is one of the greatest freedom fighters of our time. He is fighting on the front line, every day, where the struggle is hottest, against virtually every case of police murder and abuse against the people. He has been forced to sit in the back of a paddy wagon for three hours in ninety-degree heat and then being locked up not once but many times, since prison, for defending oppressed people against police terror and other injustices. 

We have too much at stake to go backwards so the “Theme Park Panthers” must be exposed and called out for who and what they are. Joining up with sugar daddies, grants and criminals like the U. of C. can only serve to hoodwink and bamboozle the people and blur the lines between real friends and real enemies. 

The greatest way to uphold the legacy of Chairman Fred Hampton is to carry on his work. No one upholds the legacy of Chairman Fred Hampton better than his Widow and his Son. These are the true heroes of the people and they must be up-held and joined in their relentless struggle to get rid of all exploitation and oppression of the people. Long Live Chairman Fred!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Recalling the murders of the Panthers By Wendell Hutson

Recalling the murders of the Panthers
By Wendell Hutson Story Posted:12/07/2013 Family, friends and former Black Panthers remembered the 44th anniversary of slain Black Panther Party Chairman Fred Hampton at a December 4 memorial. Hampton’s widow Akua Njeri (formerly Deborah Johnson) said her late husband was 21-years-old when Chicago police rushed inside their home at 2337 W. Monroe St. and killed Hampton and Mark Clark. “It was a conspiracy between the FBI, Chicago police and state police to destroy the Black Panthers,” said Njeri. “They figured if they cut off the head then the body would die too. They came for him early in the morning thinking we were sleep but we were not.” According to Njeri, it was 4:35 a.m. when police knocked on their door. “Once we responded with ‘who is it?’ the police began shooting through the door. I was eight months pregnant and he (Fred) jumped on top of me to protect me,” she added. “By the time the shooting stopped Fred was dead.” 

Fortunately Njeri was not injured and 25 days later gave birth to Fred Hampton Jr. “I never met my father but through his teachings he left behind I know he was a proud man who believed in standing up for what was right when it came to Black people,” said Hampton Jr. “He would be disappointed to see so many young Black men killing each other but he would understand that due to a continued war against our people it has taught young Black men that they are not respected and should not respect each other.” Clark., a Peoria native was the state chairman of the Illinois Black Panther Party and was visiting Hampton and other BPP members. All the Black-on-Black crime is a direct result of youths not knowing their history, said Arthur Drake, who said he grew up with Hampton Jr. “Youth nowadays lack education about their culture so they act up by being violent and that is a behavioral pattern that needs to stop,” Drake said. “The Black Panthers are still needed because racism still exists and until it ends the fight for survival is on.” A crowd of about 100 people gathered at Hampton’s former home, which is currently occupied by a family, to reenact the day he died. After a moment of silence where the crowd held one arm in the air with their fist clenched [a symbol of power the Black Panther Party instituted] everyone lined up and walked toward the home as if they were going inside to see for themselves what had happen to the Black revolutionists. Several investigations revealed that police fired as many as 98 bullets once inside the home, and the lone shot that came from the Panthers was a “reflex shot” from Clark’s shotgun. Other investigations cleared the law enforcement officials who planned and carried out the raid, often referred to as the “Massacre on Monroe.” A former Black Panther members said while their leader is gone his legacy is still going strong. John Preston, 59, joined the Black Panthers November 1968 because “I felt a need to do something to change the culture in the Black community.” He added, “the Black Panther Party is not dead and is very much alive but we now operate in a different manner.” In October of 1966, Bobby Seale and Huey Newton formed the Black Panther Party in Oakland, Calif. Initially Seale and Newton said they started the group to protect local communities from police brutality and racism, but it later became a revolutionary group, which sponsored free medical clinics and breakfast programs for needy children. 

Hampton founded the Chicago chapter of the Black Panther Party in November 1968. He was born Aug. 30, 1948, in Chicago and grew up in west suburban Maywood and graduated from Proviso East High School in 1966. Stan McKinney, 60, said he worked with the founders and remains a Black Panther today. “I joined the Black Panthers January 1969 and I will be a Black Panther until the day I die,” McKinney said. “When I saw all the police harassment, I knew I could not stand by and do nothing. That’s what motivated me to join.”"

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. Interview


 More Info: James Smith Phone: 773-256-9451


 (Chicago, Illinois) –December 4, 2013 --The annual International Revolutionary Day (IRD) commemorating the life of Chairman Fred Hampton, Illinois Chapter Black Panther Party will begin at 12:00 noon(2337 Monroe), with filming a reenactment of the historical Panther led people's procession when people convened from all the world December 4, 1969 to see for themselves what really happened at the "Massacre on Monroe". On this date 44 years ago, two Black Panther Party leaders were assassinated by the U.S. government and the Chicago Police Department. The Massacre on Monroe left in its aftermath, the assassination of twenty - one year old Chairman Fred Hampton, and twenty-two year old Defense Captain Mark Clark. As it was in life, it remains in legacy; the attack on the struggle for self-determination was deemed the number one threat to the internal security of the country by former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. How was the Black Panther Party the number one threat to the internal security of the country? By providing first Free Breakfast programs nationwide? By providing Free Medical clinics? By providing information to better the communities of poor people nationwide? A press conference will be held at 2337 Monroe Street @ 12:00 noon.

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Chairman Fred Hampton Movie Filming - December 4th 2013 See Details Below

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Momma Akua!!

The Mother Ode’

You think I forgot?
 Well, I think not!
 From the Pyramids to the plantation,
Through the sharecropping and segregation.
 To the Ole' Earth from her seed Yes, indeed you carried me.
 In Africa I rode your back On the plantation a potato sack.
Whatever the case you held me tight.
Kept me close those winter nights. (whisper)
 Matriarchs and Mothers and Queens and Nannies.
Big Mamas and Dear Mamas, Geronimos and grannies.
 Healers of sickness who addressed the business.
Wasn’t no need for traveling, homemade healthcare!
From common colds, to frequent flus to champion of childbearin’.
Continuously connected through this cold hard system.
When my cries were denied you were the only one listening.
I didn’t play no dissin’ Mama when playing the dozens
 For it wouldn’t be no me if she wouldn’t of gave Daddy no lovin’
Through the hard times and struggles, discomforts and pains.
 The cold nights, beans and rice, mayo jars with kool-aid.
Yeah, I did my share of stupid stunts, fuck ups and cutting up in the class
You showed TOUGH LOVE and had no hang ups about tapping that ass.
And with those high times we had in my mind remains
First days of school and surprise birthdays.
They’ve been trying to divide us in hectic times throughout the history From masta’ selling me off ‘till today with Baby ‘T’.
You’ve produced pyramids, taught tribes and gave names to Nations.
You are not only my mother but the Mother of Civilization.
Those are your children in Kenya and the descendants in Dominican.
You’ve breast fed me in Botswana. And kept me clothed in Ghana.
Whenever they beat me down, you told me “Son stand up!” You said all men fall down but great Men get up.
When they came and framed me, and placed me behind these walls.
You knew the business, prison visits and collect phone calls.
From the womb to the tomb, from the belly to the grave.
Through four inch glass, prison blues and shackles and chains.
I love you dearly, miss you really.
And that ain’t never gon’ change.   

 ©May 14, 1998 Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cubs Of Panthers

The Cubs of Panthers takes the people on an audio/visual ride. On a few brief stops through the struggles, times, travels and travails of that of the Great-Grandchildren of Garvey, the offspring of Malcolm, and the ideological Cubs of Panthers. The POCC/BPPC presents....

Thursday, November 14, 2013

"A company claims to have a bullet proof suit. For those businessmen who have to deal with high risk situations. Shiiiit, if that be the case, our people need some bullet proof suits,shoes,and helmets when they walk through the gated communities in Florida.Some teflon hats and dresses for the Sisters when seeking assistance for their stopped vehicle in Dearborn, Michigan. Some protective prison garb in Stateville aka Deathville, Big Muddy River aka Big Bloody River,etc..Some shielded underwear when taken to the 17th precinct in NYC to guard against plungers being stuck up ones rectum.And some elderly lady Sunday dresses,Kathryn Johnston style. In order to wear when sitting in their home in Georgia."
                     -Chairman Fred Jr. POCC/BPPC

Suit that Stops .45 bullet?

Saturday, November 2, 2013

"Who and what entities are responsible for the crime in CHIRAQ!? When reporters or even some of the stereotypical so-called stop the violence activists ask me about the crime in Chicago and I don't give the stereotypical response, ie; 'black on black violence,  gang violence, etc.' They are ready to conclude the conversation. Then I ask did you call for a question or to make a comment? I further add in the voice of Jack Nichoson in a few good Men...You can't handle the truth!"       -Chairman Fred Jr. POCC/BPPC


Monday, October 14, 2013

Middle Passage or Cook County Jail!

Didn't know if this was a depiction of the gallows of the slave ships during the middle passages. Or Cook County jail on 26th and California in Chicago, Illinois Today!

Justice For Malcolm Shabazz!

"...Initially I possessed sympathy and pity as you conducted your charade and paraded your parade. With your, as you so eloquently put it...your puppet. I pleaded that if for nothing else, the love of the legacy, let it go. And your cold, callous ass said no!"-Chairman Fred Jr...Against All Odds. Justice for Malcolm Shabazz! Justice for 'em All!

Monday, October 7, 2013

I Thought They Said That The Govt Was Shut Down?

I thought they said that the government was shut down?
 October 1, 2013 at 9:52pm 

 Before the word of this latest propaganda put out that the government is supposedly shut down. Even makes its way over the airwaves. The colonized communities are continuously being reminded with reality checks that Uncle Sam is still standing.
Early morning reports that CHIRAQ!s occupying army, Chicago Police are continuing business as usual. Shot another black male..22yr. old late last night. And the media, in concert with their cop collaborators didn't miss a beat. Running the same state supplied script...."justified shooting,...". For those whom are still under the illusion that some how the state is ineffectual in conducting business as usual. 
A simple examination of the radio airwaves whether it be a turn of the dial to the morning negroe stations in such places as Chicago with the WVON or other so-called black media outlets. And hear the usual criminalizing and blaming of the black community for all of the ills that they are subjected to. Or some of the straight out main stream media. And receive the usual state supplied dose of propaganda from pied pipers ranging from Shawn Slave-Z Carter to Nikki Garbage to Lil Slave or a host of other government employees. Furthermore the foreign merchants who receive incentives to provide dilapidated goods, disrespect and exploit the black and other colonized communities are still operating in full fashion.In other arenas, Local informants, agent provocateurs, continue to remain throughout the communities on police and other agency payrolls pushing plantation poison,etc.. Producing and procuring crops for the prisons and concentration camps.Prisoners throughout Stateville, Menard, Cook County Jail, Angola La. the SHU's in California and throughout the country, Reidsville and other camps throughout Georgia. Attica, Pontiac, Lucasville, the juvenile camps, etc..Are still being beaten, raped, assaulted, etc..Although there have been contradictory reports, as it stands, at the present. 
Long held, extremely ill political prisoner Herman Wallace is still held captive in the infamous Angola La.. In fact that of the Angola 3, Atty. Lynn Stewart, MOVE 9, Imam Jamil Al-Amin,Mumia Abu Jamal, Eddie Marshall Conway, Sundiata Acoli, Sekou Odinga, Jerry Odinga Dunigan, Leonard Peltier, NY 3, Dr. Mutulu Shakur, Aaron Pinkston El, Ruchell Cinque Magee, Hugo Pinell, and countless of others remain to be unjustly held captive in inhumane conditions. Many of the same charlatan spokespersons are still supplied by the system and receive their stipends and/or 300 pieces of silver. To supposedly represent the victims of the same said system. Parking meter attendants are actively placing tickets on vehicles and cops are placing handcuffs on individuals. In which daily quotas are at minimum being filled. The functioning filibustering and/or lack of response to the assassinations and 'strange' deaths of Malcolm Shabazz (Grandson of Malcolm X), Birdie Africa/Michael Ward (MOVE bombing survivor), and victims of the war torn CHIRAQ! still remains. Another sign that the well OILED machine is still moving. May be witnessed by the trickle down effect of the remaining homeless population throughout Atlanta, Ga., Cleveland,OH., as well as throughout the country. Internationally speaking...US troops, policies, procedures,and propaganda remain intact. With that being said,rumors and word games should be recognized for what they are. For the sad reality, however reality all the same is that the ruling class remains to be wrecking havoc and harm on the people.
                        -Chairman Fred Jr.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Chairman Fred At Site of Keaton Otis' Murder by Portland, Oregon Police

"Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. at the site of Keaton Otis' murder at the hands of the Portland police department, pointing out the bullet holes in the brick. They fired 32 rounds at Keaton, a young Black man, after beating and tasing him. They stopped him for "looking like a gangster."

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Empress Chi Show: Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. Dr. Randy Short

Probably Should Check Your Pulse - By Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.

Probably should check your pulse...
August 29, 2013 at 12:22 am
"If throughout all the slave chains, spit, blood, sweat, tears, and spit. Sharecropping, lynching and land grabs. Ripping off of land from the Red Man/Woman and forcing the rebuilding of it by the Black Man/Woman. Presidents, promises, Political Prisoners, and no pardons. Propaganda pieces from Steppin fetchin' to Puff ball Combs. From Driving Miss Daisy to the Help to the Butler. From picking cotton to CRACK to Concentration Camps.From only being at the front of the line during wartime to the unemployment line to being placed Behind Enemy Lines. From being tortured and electroshocked by Lt.Jon Burge with the infamous black box to former US Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown coming up dead on a plane with the mysterious missing black box. From the ever developing US wars of aggression. To Cook County States Atty. Anita Alvarez admitting that Chicago is the capital for unsolved crimes and forced confessions. From Iraq to CHIRAQ! From army tanks to SUV's and army tanks. From foreign contractors to foreign merchants. From Guantanamo Bay to what happen to Oscar Grant in the Bay.From Feb.21,1965 to Dec.4,1969. From way back in the day until what is happening right now, today! If you are still dreaming, or under the impression that you are. You have probably far past that of comatose and should consider a casket."              
         -Chairman Fred Jr.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Another Day...... By Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.

Another Day....
August 29, 2013 at 2:36am
"Comedic genius Richard Pryor had commented how white folks would be like, I don't believe that the police did what them black folks said they did. But the deal is today as well as damn near every day. I/We are fucked over in some sort of way by those that have Serve and Protect donned on their car doors. Fucked over to the point that it is traumatizing.Traumatizing to the point that I don't even feel like discussing today's, or technically speaking yesterdays 8/28/2013 events. On one hand I struggle not to accept this as this is how it is. Then on the other, it occurs to much for me to become shocked by anything the states sentries pull. No one, and I mean no one. Could convince me that what these marauders for the machine do to us on a daily basis. Whether they be black and/or white,preacher and/or politician. Has anything to do with stopping crime. For I've been handcuffed and kidnapped to many times. I've inhaled too much tear gas. Been beaten, bruised, and seen what their bullets do on too many occasions.Too many cars bogustly confiscated,too many doors kicked in on me, and subjected to too many degrading strip searches. To ever believe in that dream.Bore direct witness to too many of them engage in drive bys in unmarked cars, saw them do to many drug drop offs and receive payoffs. For me to simply keep hope alive. I've felt their sticks, or what we were informed was the correct term as 'niggah beaters' on too many situations.Done seen them plant to many packs and I've been pulled over and threatened with too many pistols. For me to believe in any of their propaganda.And with that I recognize that how the majority of white folks won't believe what i say. Shiit, a lot of black folks won't ,or at minimum scared to say it."  -Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Another Day By Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.

Another Day....

August 29, 2013 at 2:36am

 "Comedic genius Richard Pryor had commented how white folks would be like, I don't believe that the police did what them black folks said they did. But the deal is today as well as damn near every day. I/We are fucked over in some sort of way by those that have Serve and Protect donned on their car doors. Fucked over to the point that it is traumatizing. Traumatizing to the point that I don't even feel like discussing today's, or technically speaking yesterdays 8/28/2013 events. On one hand I struggle not to accept this as this is how it is. Then on the other, it occurs to much for me to become shocked by anything the states sentries pull. No one, and I mean no one. Could convince me that what these marauders for the machine do to us on a daily basis. Whether they be black and/or white,preacher and/or politician. Has anything to do with stopping crime. For I've been handcuffed and kidnapped to many times. I've inhaled too much tear gas. Been beaten, bruised, and seen what their bullets do on too many occasions. Too many cars bogustly confiscated, too many doors kicked in on me, and subjected to too many degrading strip searches. To ever believe in that dream. Bore direct witness to too many of them engage in drive bys in unmarked cars, saw them do to many drug drop offs and receive payoffs. For me to simply keep hope alive. I've felt their sticks, or what we were informed was the correct term as 'niggah beaters' on too many situations. Done seen them plant to many packs and I've been pulled over and threatened with too many pistols. For me to believe in any of their propaganda.And with that I recognize that how the majority of white folks won't believe what i say. Shiit, a lot of black folks won't, or at minimum scared to say it."-Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Long Live Field Marshall George Jackson

Long Live Field Marshall George Jackson!!
                                     --Chairman Fred Jr. ...

"They will never count me amongst the broken men."                                                                                                                                    -Field Marshall George Jackson


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cut From The Cloth Of The POCC/BPPC NOT the NAACP.

And when this modern day Jiggga boo, Jay/Slave-Z. Had the audacity to attempt to correlate his cash and fame to that of the legacy of Chairman Fred Hampton. In which he received a Panther Cub checkin'. His jive ass journalists and some more jive ass turkeys said that we should be grateful that Hova even mentioned Hampton's name. However, being that we cut from the cloth of the POCC/BPPC and NOT the NAACP. We don't stargaze over them slaves.

Stand Your Ground...Slavery, Sharecropping, Seatbelt Checks By Chairman Fred Jr. July 22, 2013

"Forgive me for not making this so-called connection. However, what I see is a continuation of dodging this what seems to be diseased question in this country. This black elephant in the room that even the President of this place beats around the George Bush around when or if aknowledging. That bad word that only the white women professors at the various universities who teach African American studies can approach with calm. That scenario that the slaves no to only speak about in secrecy. That subject matter in which those whoms labor built this modern day babylon. In which is only allowed to be spoke about briefly during the shortest month out of the calendar. If there be any issues regarding this taboo topic. The state has sanctioned it's approved spokespersons as well as nominated its respective nemeses. Most cases being via pastors,poverty pimps,and politicians. Being that even the plantations have had some degree of modernization. 

Media outlets allow such figures as Soledad O'Brian or Roland Martin to moderate this matter in a milk toast type of way. What I am referring to is the matter of RACE! In fact with the mere mention of the word from us. Who came here at the bottom of the boats and were confined to the back of the bus. We chance to be branded by not only the controllers of the corporation but even by the colored overseers as rascists. How the blatant contradiction of the blood of this black child,Trayvon Martin. Whom was gunned down by a white man and was able to walk away.Without a mere slap on the hand by the American judicial system. Has and is being derailed to a question of schematics and legal jargon within the Just-Us system.

 While the colonized communities are commending and clapping for the actions taken by Elvis Presley/Justin Timberlake and Sammy Davis Jr./Shawn slave/jay-z Carter. Boycotting Florida for the Stand your ground laws. Trayvon Martin is dead with yet any justice. Marissa Alexander is behind bars in this same state under the guise of the same law. Whether it be the lethal injection of Shaka Sankofa in Huntsville Texas. Or the 'search warrant' in Detroit Michican that justified law enforcements taking the life of 7 yr. old Ayanna Jones. Or 'administration mismanagement' that caused for countless numbers of casualties in response to Hurricane America/Katrina. Everytime when there is a case and/or contradiction in order to force this issue of race to be recognized. Suddenly johnny come lately train conductors come and derail the discussion. How about a universal call to the system to stop killing niggahs. Whatever euphenisms it may operate through, ie; war on gangs, drugs, guns,...neighborhood watch, etc. If this is at least aknowledged.One would be surprised as to how it would even trikle down and impact conflict within the colonized communities. Or what many refer to as black on black crime. Yes,stop killing us! Black folks, Africans, or whatever term one can unite with in order to call to put this death toll on hold. A debate that we can engage in after we at least are able to mantain a moratorium from this machine murdering us."        -Chairman Fred Jr. POCC/BPPC

Friday, July 19, 2013

Race and class contradictions, communications and/or lack thereof.

"Comedic genius Richard Pryor once commented that white folks will say 'I don't believe that police are just shooting those black folks...'  I recognize that not only the race but as well as the class contradictions hamper and impede everything ranging from potential coalitions to ability to communicate with one another.  For trying to explain to some people why Rachel Jeantel views it as normal of not calling the police.  Or black folks basic lack of faith in the American Just-US system.  Or how the colonized community simply knows what the designated state sanctioned spokesperson is going to say.  

When the news media brings him/her up to speak. What Civil rights 'representative', what University of Chicago human lab rat or person they've literally produced out of petri dish to portray and betray the legacy of such organizations as the Black Panther Party.

What entertainers and rappers will be brought out to perform in times of conflict.  Why a 12 yr. old child would 'confess' to something he/she didn't do. After a torture/investigation session led by one of the infamous Chicago Lt. Jon 'the torturer' Burge and Joe 'machine gun' Gorman.  Why would prisoners and protesters from California to Mexico utilize hunger strikes as a means of protest.  Why aren't authentic movements acknowledged until it become safe to speak about them. What is happening in CHIRAQ! Can be likened to trying to explain to Seinfeild or Cosby parents as to why James Evans from Good Times could never keep a job. For they have no fuckin 'frame of reference." -Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.  POCC/BPPC

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sometimes The Stakes Are simply Too High

"At times I must ask for forgiveness for my expression of frustration.  However, oftentimes I believe that my bit of idealism as well as patience like my lack of a bankroll is bordering bankruptcy. As a Cub in this jungle, I must admit that at times it weighs on one. To deal with contradictions and to be in the midst of those that continuously depict their conflict of interest.  Let the record reflect that it is one thing to deal with ignorance.  But it is a different concoction to come into contact with the combination of arrogance and ignorance.  

Sometimes I flashback with a bit of a smile of my earlier organizing days.  Thoughts of absolutes and a bit more idealism.  Such as that everyone can be won to certain points of unity with the people, etc..  However, I suppose that after a certain amount of assassination  attempts on ones life, backstabbers and betrayals.  Rats and reporter backs for the ruling class who happen to be wearing more wires than a walking radio shack.  Capitalist created and controlled cutthroats and con artists camouflaged as if they were comrades. 

Opportunists and revisionists operating like vultures vying to rewrite your timeline even before your actual demise.  Has a way of weighing in.  This is not to say that one capitulates.  But that of recognizing that in this brutal war waged upon our people.  The reality was/is that we have and we will experience causalities.  On this cottin picking, CRACK peddling capitalist controlled plantation. There remains the dichotomy of the house and the field negroe. Sad to say, but the reality is that within in this system. although all of us have been captured. There is a distinguishment of the slave and the enslaved.  And the fact remains that some of us still seek freedom and there are those whom are simply Stockholm. Regardless to how many candles you light in their presence. Or enlistment you provide them and/or exorcisms you perform on them.  For in the stage in this thang, July 2013.

Lets just say, with all due respect. If a cat ain't clear that Rupaul is a man dressed in drag and that Nikki Menage got plastic injected in her ass. And that Nicky Barnes pumped dope through Harlem with a government pass. Nothing personal, but politically speaking. There will be situations in which one may can not afford the luxury to debate or dialogue. As well as it may even present a security risk to struggle with some cats." --Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. POCC/BPPC.. Blood to the horses brow and woe to those who can not swim.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

There Are Those that Take Issue of The Reference Of Chicago Being Acknowledged as CHIRAQ!

"There are those that take issue of the reference of Chicago being acknowledged as CHIRAQ! In most cases those that view these brutal realities from what the news says. Or their respective spokesperson tells them from the pulpit or a politician says at a parade. 

They see these images from a safe viewpoint and in many cases can afford the luxury to simply turn the channel or even leave this crime scene of a city.  But those that have to deal with these daily death tolls.  Have made a revolutionary leap by at least acknowledging that this is a war zone. 

The cries have become too loud and the cadavers have become too common. For others to simply tell them, yes we know...but don't say it that way or too hush up and harbor your pain. When the photos of prisoners in Abu Ghrab Bagdad being stripped naked, tortured and dehumanized by guard dogs and prison guards alike. 

A then 17 yr. old boy stated to me, 'Chairman that is not torture.  That is how they process us in Cook County jail'. What was shown to the world of what was happening to prisoners across seas. Was and is the norm for the Statevilles, Pontiacs, Menards, Atticas, Folsoms, SHU's, Pelican Bays and other concentration camps within this country. In fact one of the guards whom was exposed in Abu Ghrab, by the name of Grainier had worked for close to a decade in SCI Green where Mumia Bu Jamal was being held at. 

I commend the colonized community for at least taking a step in the direction of recognizing this problem.  The conditions are so cold in the windy city.  That its subjects are no longer satisfied with the tourist bating euphemisms. They are able to correlate the ever present roaming police SUV's with that of the army tanks throughout Iraq and other places that the system is implementing so-called democracy. They are seeing right through the fraudulent organizations and individuals created by the system to speak for the people and play puppet for the system.  Their daily strip searches and being paraded naked in plain sight by the police is likened to the naked babies being marched through a rice paddy in Viet Nam. 

The foreign merchants who receive financial aid year after year. Who talk down to the community in which profits and provide them with dilapidated goods. Is being seen in the same light as that of the contractors in other countries. They have even began to recognize their counterparts who've been snatched up under the guises of war on gangs, war on drugs and war on guns. As political prisoners. They've acknowledged the stop & frisk policies for what they really are. They are no longer being liberal with the labeling of this war zone of a home...CHIRAQ!"                                                                -Chairman Fred Jr. POCC/BPPC

CHIRAQ! Is A War Zone

CHIRAQ! is a war zone...occupying army and all. And just as many are surprised of who they fund and give guns to in Israel, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.. Some would consider it mind blowing of whom and what they build and bankroll in Chicago.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Shaquille O’Neal has plans to open a free children’s hospital in Baton Rouge

"Similar to how the Barclay's provided the Jay Kool Aid in order to further the gentrification/land grab in Brooklyn. Or how the capitalists cargoed the Carter to Cuba in order set the stage to intensify the attempt to incarcerate Assata.  Sheriff Shaw, who recently refused to allow the showing of the film, Long Distance Revolutionary on Mumia Abu Jamal at one of his venues on the east coast.  Is called to duty to pacify the people in regards to the discussion of the further privatization of health care."                                                          --Chairman Fred Jr.

Photo: Yahoo Sports

Monday, July 8, 2013

Chairman Fred Jr. in CHIRAQ

Chairman Fred Jr. in CHIRAQ!... Coincidence or Capitalism? Gas company trucks, construction trucks, etc. pop up in front of the homes on local block. At 1:30 am in the intestines of the inner city.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

18,000 "GD's'" ... Response to Senator Kirk's Call

18,000 "GD's" ... Response to Senator Kirk's Call
Illinois Senator Kirk calls for 18,000 "GD's" to be
corralled and placed inside of Concentration Camps.
Hearkening back to the days of Adolph Hitler, Edward V. Hanrahan
and some more white men with GENOCIDAL plans.
18,000 "GD's"? How about address them
18,000 denied opportunities.
While you're up there in them ivory towers looking down dishing out decisions to lock up some mo' Black Men.
Black folks being bombarded with joblessness, homelessness, and school closings.
This country's political strategists set the stage
in order that it be no coincidence.
For at least 1 out of 3 Black Men to be in prison,
probation, or parole.
Crooked Congressmen, avaricious Aldermen, Sinister Senators
and a whole bunch of mo' politicians.
Further pushing their agenda at the expense of 
exploiting the dead body of a Hadiya Pendleton.
Being that it would not be politically correct
for Senator Kirk to call for what he really wants to get...
So as opposed to speaking honestly, 
he euphemistically put out a plea
to lock up a boatload of "GD's".
Translation ... Mass incarceration.
Simply said, what he said to the Feds.
Is that he wants to deploy mo' troops 
and bring in the boys in blue.
And to further implement the mission of operation
Lock up niggahs.

What about them 18,000 kickbacks and contracts?
That everybody seems to be getting for the exception of Blacks.
You couldn't even imagine, lest alone fathom.
Growing up as a kid in a community.
Seeing nothing but the Cartel, cul-de-sacs, speed cameras
and CRACK.
You see CHIRAQ is a war zone.
With nothing but abandoned buildings, churches, & liquor stores.
Helicopters, police with big choppers, body bags with cadavers.
And now they taking DNA and coming in with the Drones.
How about them 18,000 Real American Gangsters
that you been hanging with?
You know, the ones in the suits with the big loot.
The polo shirts that play golf.
Whose in case their children catch a case,
The courts "coincidentally" says case dismissed.
Due to the big pay off.
Thirty million dollars to be allocated for further
mass incarceration.
the fact is that locking up niggahs is big business.
And the major benefitters is the corporations
and other modern day plantations.
You see CHIRAQ is where Black Men are shamed, 
placed on open display and subjected to public
body cavity searches.
While their Women are forced to see these sights along
with that of construction sights.
And everybody except their Men getting work.
Today, they say the GD's. Tomorrow it'll be
anybody and everybody.
How about returning them 18,000 plus homes
that the sheriff's office bogustly seized.
Start off with that first and see if that works 
Senator Kirk.
You'd be surprised how crime declines.
If people got their basic necessities.
In closing, we all know that the need for 
food, clothes and shelter impacts on what people
do and don't do.
How about a call for the cease of the 18,000
conditions that cause the crimes within the 
colonized communities. 
Then again, that probably politically wouldn't be 
the White thing to do. 
                                         -Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. @6/2013

Thursday, June 13, 2013

To Chairman Fred On Father's Day

 Dear Daddy: 

 This one's for you Man. Let the record reflect.

 From your Son with nothing but love & revolutionary respects.

 With you, no commercials for Gatorade juice, no Armani suits, nor nothing of the likes.

 For I sung the song to be Freedom Fighter like Fred, as opposed to wanting to be like Mike. 

 Although you weren't here, you were always there for me. I learned lessons from your legend on what a Man was supposed to be. 

When they played with my mail & I couldn't get to no phone,
During those hunger strikes & cold nights, I was never alone.
Like you, they say when I talk that I talk real fast & that I move my hands. 

We love the people, Oh! But will get up with that ass.
On the streets I always lent a ear when they spoke on Big Fred. 

And in prison I paid attention to what the old timers said. When they spoke on you, I seen that gleam in their eye. With just the mention of your name, I seen the demoralized get high!
No narcotics needed, in fact high off the people, as you always said. 

As a kid I came up looking forward to sideburns, fur hats & a nappy head.
From the colleges to the communities, from the parlors to the poolrooms. 

From the REAL Rainbow coalition to a Principled! Gang truce. 
In this struggle, you said you would pay the ultimate price. Anticipated prison & dedicated your life. 

Whenever the state slandered your name, Mama told me the truth. 
I know I pissed off plenty teachers when I wrote about you.

And that young Lady, your Grand baby, she sends you her love. 
She's a descendant of a Die hard & a blessing from above.

 Inquiring minds want to know; how does it feel to be sired by you?
 Being loved by the people & sweated by the you know WHO. 
 And if I could do it all over again, I would choose to be your son 
And by the way, that Lady you chose; Now Daddy that was the one. 

Copyright: Fred Hampton Jr.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mobilize Against Genocide


CONTACT: Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.
PHONE: 773-256-9451


(Chicago), Illinois – 6/3/2013 – While Republican Senator Mark Kirk has called for the arrest of eighteen thousand citizens to feed the prison industrial complex, no efforts are being made to ensure that jobs are brought into Chicago. No efforts are being made to ensure that adequate health care is provided for citizens. Trauma units in the minority community are being closed at alarming numbers while public schools have already faced their demise.

In response to Illinois Senator Mark Kirk's issuance of a declaration to intensify the current toll taking war waged against the Black community, a declaration is issued under the commonly used guise of a so-called "war on gangs". We are calling upon the colonized communities within the city of Chicago specifically, to mobilize on June 3, 2013 at 11:00am in front of the senator's downtown office at 230 South Dearborn Street, Suite 3900 Chicago, Illinois 60604.

The clarion will sound to clearly state that, no matter what euphemisms are used by this system, the community will not silently sit back and become wiped out, incarcerated and massacred.

This is a mobilization against GENOCIDE.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

"Deborah's baby (yet inside of her at 8 1/2 months) must surely have vowed and unheard vengeance on that morning when its father was murdered and its mother was jailed." -THE BLACK PANTHER, SATURDAY, MARCH 21, 1970  page 2. LONG LIVE CHAIRMAN FRED AND DEF. CAPT. MARK CLARK!

Again, I say... Everything is political. Including emasculation.
         -Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.

WHAT THE F*CK????? Will Smith's Son Jaden Shows Off His NEW LOOK . . . A CROP TOP BLOUSE . . . A Leather MINISKIRT . .. And Some BLACK LEGGINGS!!!

‘Dehumanizing stares,’ body language prompted arrest of Florida teen feeding puppy: cops

"The breaking process is brutal! In this country & abroad for simply committing the "crime" of being Black Men. We are murdered and/or incarcerated. This system parades and struts the punks, runts, and those whom have conceded their nuts amongst us as success stories. They snatch us up and strip search us in so many sadistic ways. That it pains me to merely mention. Capitalism castrates and emasculates in a million and one mothafuckin' ways. Subconsciously we are trained to look down when they come around.  And to only express our anger and bitterness against our fellow brethren."      
  -Chairman Fred Jr.

'Dehumanizing stares,' body language prompted arrest of Florida teen feeding puppy: cops

Police claim Tremaine McMillian was threatening and resisting officers after he was asked where his mother was. Cops subdued McMillian in a severe beat down that the teen's mother caught on camera.
 By Sasha Goldstein/New York Daily News

Read more:

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

On Wednesday May 29th Nominate Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. For "Best Community Leader"

Get The Word Out! Nominate Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.,
"Best Community Leader" On Wednesday May 29th

Time - From 6am to 6pm EST
5am - 5pm CST
6am to 6pm PST

  1. Use Your Cell Phone, IPad, Laptop, desktop
  2. Open the link below in another window so that you can enter information.
  3. Name of Nominee – Chairman Fred Hampton Jr
  4. Address: 6250 South Justine Street
  5. City: Chicago
  6. State: Illinois
  7. Contact Phone: 773-256-9451

Chairman Fred is a grassroots organizer. His fights include those against police brutality, bringing jobs into the community and freedom for all. Chairman Fred is an overworked and underpaid servant of the people and has been for a lifetime. Serving the people is not a new fad for Chairman Fred. From Trayvon Martin to Mumia Abu Jamal, Chairman Fred Fights for the People.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

CORRECTION - Nominate Chairman Fred - "Best Community Leader" - Vote Wednesday May 29th

Nominate Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.,
"Best Community Leader"
2013 Neighbor Awards

Date: Wednesday May 29th 2013
Time - From 6am to 6pm EST
5am - 5pm CST
6am to 6pm PST
Visit This Link During The Times Above

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Nominate Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. "Best Community Leader" In The 2013 Neighbor Awards
Address: Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.
               6250 South Justine Street
                Chicago, Illinois 60636
Phone: 773-256-9451
Where: Your Cell Phone, Your Computer, Your IPAD.
Reason For Nomination: Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. Is a grassroots organizer, the streets are his office. Chairman Fred fights with no budget. His fights include those against police brutality, bringing jobs into the community and freedom.  Chairman Fred is overworked and underpaid. From Trayvon Martin to Mumia Abu Jamal - Chairman Fred fights for the people and has spent a lifetime fighting. 
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