Prisoners Of Conscience Committee

Prisoners Of Conscience Committee
The Prisoners of Conscience Committee Founded by Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. during the nine years he spent in prison in the 1990's.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Friday, July 8, 2016

When The Masses Speak For Themselves

"When the masses speak for themselves. As opposed to some state sanctioned script via some softball Civil Rights Activist or White Man Made Organization or Ruling class regulated Rapper. There is a different spirit. A pain and thirst a for power to determine our destinies. That the people can relate to. The Peoples Pain reflects."
            -Chairman Fred Hampton Jr..

Diamond Reynolds, the girlfriend of Philando Castile streamed the Philando Castile shooting aftermath live on Facebook. Ms. Reynolds speaks outside the Minnesota governor's mansion, where protesters gathered. She wanted the world to witness the police officer's actions.

Is it possible that suspect shootings occur from atop of buildings in Dallas Texas. Particularly during an intense political climate. Then a number of potential patsies are placed in front of the world. Subsequently picking out probable patsy. In which he, himself is to be mysteriously murdered. Prior to any opportunity to provide any information?..Jus' Curious?
                            -Chairman Fred Hampton Jr..

Lee Harvey Oswald: “I am just a patsy!”

“I am just a patsy!” These famous words were spoken by Lee Harvey Oswald before he was shot to death, silenced forever by his assassin Jack Ruby."    Read Entire Story Here

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Wed. June 28, 2016 Free Em All Radio! With Chairman Fred Hampton Jr & The Lady of Rage!


Ludacris To Perform At Guantanamo Bay On July 4th

"When we called the contradiction of Jay-Z. Attempting to hijack the legacy of Chairman Fred Hampton Sr.  In his lyrics on the song with Kanye West on a song entitled Murders To Excellence. We were told we were making a big deal out of nothing. When we pointed out Puffy Combs for slanderous statements on a song. In which he made reference to Harriet Tubman, even prior to Russel Simmons. Committing such a sacrilegious act. Some said the Panther Cubs are paranoid. When we provided the political summation of the strange timing of Jay-Z's trip to Cuba. Some said we're tripping over a simple trip. When The Cubs summed up the political tactics being employed by the likes of Ludacris and the likes at the Hip-Hop Summit. Many attempted to assess that said charade parade as progressive politics. When we summed up the political strike that was sent via a reactionary rapper. By the Machine to disrupt the Annual Dec.4, International Revolutionary Day in Chicago at that. Many attempted to minimize this political missile. As simply a case of miscommunication. Being that when the Black community is subjected to political attacks. Many can't see it. Maybe now that this propaganda piece is set to perform abroad. Maybe now, political and apolitical minds. Can come to grips with the fact that...Everything Is Political!" 
      -Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.. Black Panther Party Cubs.