Prisoners Of Conscience Committee

Prisoners Of Conscience Committee
The Prisoners of Conscience Committee Founded by Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. during the nine years he spent in prison in the 1990's.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

18,000 "GD's'" ... Response to Senator Kirk's Call

18,000 "GD's" ... Response to Senator Kirk's Call
Illinois Senator Kirk calls for 18,000 "GD's" to be
corralled and placed inside of Concentration Camps.
Hearkening back to the days of Adolph Hitler, Edward V. Hanrahan
and some more white men with GENOCIDAL plans.
18,000 "GD's"? How about address them
18,000 denied opportunities.
While you're up there in them ivory towers looking down dishing out decisions to lock up some mo' Black Men.
Black folks being bombarded with joblessness, homelessness, and school closings.
This country's political strategists set the stage
in order that it be no coincidence.
For at least 1 out of 3 Black Men to be in prison,
probation, or parole.
Crooked Congressmen, avaricious Aldermen, Sinister Senators
and a whole bunch of mo' politicians.
Further pushing their agenda at the expense of 
exploiting the dead body of a Hadiya Pendleton.
Being that it would not be politically correct
for Senator Kirk to call for what he really wants to get...
So as opposed to speaking honestly, 
he euphemistically put out a plea
to lock up a boatload of "GD's".
Translation ... Mass incarceration.
Simply said, what he said to the Feds.
Is that he wants to deploy mo' troops 
and bring in the boys in blue.
And to further implement the mission of operation
Lock up niggahs.

What about them 18,000 kickbacks and contracts?
That everybody seems to be getting for the exception of Blacks.
You couldn't even imagine, lest alone fathom.
Growing up as a kid in a community.
Seeing nothing but the Cartel, cul-de-sacs, speed cameras
and CRACK.
You see CHIRAQ is a war zone.
With nothing but abandoned buildings, churches, & liquor stores.
Helicopters, police with big choppers, body bags with cadavers.
And now they taking DNA and coming in with the Drones.
How about them 18,000 Real American Gangsters
that you been hanging with?
You know, the ones in the suits with the big loot.
The polo shirts that play golf.
Whose in case their children catch a case,
The courts "coincidentally" says case dismissed.
Due to the big pay off.
Thirty million dollars to be allocated for further
mass incarceration.
the fact is that locking up niggahs is big business.
And the major benefitters is the corporations
and other modern day plantations.
You see CHIRAQ is where Black Men are shamed, 
placed on open display and subjected to public
body cavity searches.
While their Women are forced to see these sights along
with that of construction sights.
And everybody except their Men getting work.
Today, they say the GD's. Tomorrow it'll be
anybody and everybody.
How about returning them 18,000 plus homes
that the sheriff's office bogustly seized.
Start off with that first and see if that works 
Senator Kirk.
You'd be surprised how crime declines.
If people got their basic necessities.
In closing, we all know that the need for 
food, clothes and shelter impacts on what people
do and don't do.
How about a call for the cease of the 18,000
conditions that cause the crimes within the 
colonized communities. 
Then again, that probably politically wouldn't be 
the White thing to do. 
                                         -Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. @6/2013

Thursday, June 13, 2013

To Chairman Fred On Father's Day

 Dear Daddy: 

 This one's for you Man. Let the record reflect.

 From your Son with nothing but love & revolutionary respects.

 With you, no commercials for Gatorade juice, no Armani suits, nor nothing of the likes.

 For I sung the song to be Freedom Fighter like Fred, as opposed to wanting to be like Mike. 

 Although you weren't here, you were always there for me. I learned lessons from your legend on what a Man was supposed to be. 

When they played with my mail & I couldn't get to no phone,
During those hunger strikes & cold nights, I was never alone.
Like you, they say when I talk that I talk real fast & that I move my hands. 

We love the people, Oh! But will get up with that ass.
On the streets I always lent a ear when they spoke on Big Fred. 

And in prison I paid attention to what the old timers said. When they spoke on you, I seen that gleam in their eye. With just the mention of your name, I seen the demoralized get high!
No narcotics needed, in fact high off the people, as you always said. 

As a kid I came up looking forward to sideburns, fur hats & a nappy head.
From the colleges to the communities, from the parlors to the poolrooms. 

From the REAL Rainbow coalition to a Principled! Gang truce. 
In this struggle, you said you would pay the ultimate price. Anticipated prison & dedicated your life. 

Whenever the state slandered your name, Mama told me the truth. 
I know I pissed off plenty teachers when I wrote about you.

And that young Lady, your Grand baby, she sends you her love. 
She's a descendant of a Die hard & a blessing from above.

 Inquiring minds want to know; how does it feel to be sired by you?
 Being loved by the people & sweated by the you know WHO. 
 And if I could do it all over again, I would choose to be your son 
And by the way, that Lady you chose; Now Daddy that was the one. 

Copyright: Fred Hampton Jr.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mobilize Against Genocide


CONTACT: Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.
PHONE: 773-256-9451


(Chicago), Illinois – 6/3/2013 – While Republican Senator Mark Kirk has called for the arrest of eighteen thousand citizens to feed the prison industrial complex, no efforts are being made to ensure that jobs are brought into Chicago. No efforts are being made to ensure that adequate health care is provided for citizens. Trauma units in the minority community are being closed at alarming numbers while public schools have already faced their demise.

In response to Illinois Senator Mark Kirk's issuance of a declaration to intensify the current toll taking war waged against the Black community, a declaration is issued under the commonly used guise of a so-called "war on gangs". We are calling upon the colonized communities within the city of Chicago specifically, to mobilize on June 3, 2013 at 11:00am in front of the senator's downtown office at 230 South Dearborn Street, Suite 3900 Chicago, Illinois 60604.

The clarion will sound to clearly state that, no matter what euphemisms are used by this system, the community will not silently sit back and become wiped out, incarcerated and massacred.

This is a mobilization against GENOCIDE.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

"Deborah's baby (yet inside of her at 8 1/2 months) must surely have vowed and unheard vengeance on that morning when its father was murdered and its mother was jailed." -THE BLACK PANTHER, SATURDAY, MARCH 21, 1970  page 2. LONG LIVE CHAIRMAN FRED AND DEF. CAPT. MARK CLARK!

Again, I say... Everything is political. Including emasculation.
         -Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.

WHAT THE F*CK????? Will Smith's Son Jaden Shows Off His NEW LOOK . . . A CROP TOP BLOUSE . . . A Leather MINISKIRT . .. And Some BLACK LEGGINGS!!!

‘Dehumanizing stares,’ body language prompted arrest of Florida teen feeding puppy: cops

"The breaking process is brutal! In this country & abroad for simply committing the "crime" of being Black Men. We are murdered and/or incarcerated. This system parades and struts the punks, runts, and those whom have conceded their nuts amongst us as success stories. They snatch us up and strip search us in so many sadistic ways. That it pains me to merely mention. Capitalism castrates and emasculates in a million and one mothafuckin' ways. Subconsciously we are trained to look down when they come around.  And to only express our anger and bitterness against our fellow brethren."      
  -Chairman Fred Jr.

'Dehumanizing stares,' body language prompted arrest of Florida teen feeding puppy: cops

Police claim Tremaine McMillian was threatening and resisting officers after he was asked where his mother was. Cops subdued McMillian in a severe beat down that the teen's mother caught on camera.
 By Sasha Goldstein/New York Daily News

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