Prisoners Of Conscience Committee

Prisoners Of Conscience Committee
The Prisoners of Conscience Committee Founded by Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. during the nine years he spent in prison in the 1990's.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

From The Congo To Chicago, From Brazil To The Bronx

"From the Congo to Chicago,from Brazil to the Bronx. From Angola (Africa) to Angola(New Orleans).From Brother Eugene in them Concentration Camps in Georgia to every Souljah in Statesville.From Jerry "Odinga"Dunigan to them youngstas that they done jammed in them juvenile jails.For the masses of our people who've been denied and deprived of every basic human right up under the sun.Free 'em All!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Long Live Minister Doc Satchel 6/22/1950-1/2013

Long Live Minister Doc Satchel

Deputy Minister Of Health

 Illinois Chapter Black Panther Party

Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.'s Godfather

Minister Ronald Doc Satchel. 6/22/1950-1/2013

Lil Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. Views Poster
of Chairman Fred Hampton @ Chicago Coliseum.

Monday, January 21, 2013

CHAIRMAN FRED HAMPTON JR. ASSAULTED BY Oakland Police Department and Emeryville Police Department


Apparently the State is not happy with the fact that Chairman Fred Hampton Jr of the P.O.C.C./BPPC is building bridges and doing work in Oakland with like-minded community organizations dedicated to improving life conditions for oppressed, repressed and terrorized citizens in the city of Oakland and beyond.

Tonight, at approximately 4pm, The Chairman and three of his comrades were trailed by police into the Target shopping center in Emeryville, just outside of West Oakland. Initially, they were stopped by two Oakland Police vehicles (IN EMERYVILLE). The police flashed their lights and ordered the passengers to both put their hands up and roll down the windows.  As this was occurring, another 10-12 police cars arrived and blocked off the entire parking lot.

The passengers were separated and one of the sisters in the vehicle was pulled from the car, slammed against a police SUV and her arm twisted.  Her arm was so badly injured that an ambulance later took her to a nearby hospital. BEFORE THE COP HAD EVEN OPENED THE CHAIRMAN'S WALLET HE SAID "Are you still at the same address in Chicago?" THEY KNEW WHO HE WAS BEFORE THEY PULLED HIM OVER. THIS IS A CLEAR INDICATION OF HARASSMENT IN RESPONSE TO POLITICAL ACTIVITY.

When asked why they were being pulled over, it was explained to them that a robbery had occurred in which a cell phone was stolen and the phone had been tracked to the Target parking lot. NOT THEIR CAR BUT, THE PARKING LOT. The Chairman pointed out that there were some 300 additional cars in the lot and so why their car but, received no answer.

The police then brought the supposed 'victim' of the robbery to the scene and paraded each one of the passengers in the Chairman's vehicle in front of a bright light for the 'victim' to look at. S/he identified no one.

Following this, the police attempted to just walk away as if nothing had happened.  The Chairman and additional passengers requested and received the Sergeants name and are planning to file a formal complaint.

It should not be overlooked that last month, The Chairman sat on a panel examining the MXGM report "Every 36 Hours" that focused on the execution of Black men, women and children by police, security guards and vigilantes every 36 hours in Amerikkka. Additionally, last week, The Chairman joined hundreds of community members in speaking out against the hiring of William Bratton as consultant to the OPD at a City council Public Safety meeting. It should also not be overlooked that a follow up City Council meeting to address the Bratton issue is being held tomorrow night.

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Monday, January 7, 2013

When Black Freedom Fighting organizations out on the ground call for any assistance, they suddenly start singing Silence of the lambs.

"Shawn Slave-Z Carter performs benefit concerts for the victims of Columbine, and donates proceeds to first day sale of records to the New York police Dept. and other state agencies. Kanye West comes out and croons when Chase bank calls for a "benefit concert" for the victims of hurricane Sandy, in which there is no surprise where the monies will be distributed. R. Kelly who has never dropped a beat nor a buck for the countless Black bodies that have been buried in one way or another throughout CHIRAQ. Suddenly has a sentimental studio session in regards to Sandy Hook Elementary. Lest not mention the "conscious" artists that perform, pay tithes and the rest of the mess for either State sanctioned Obama events, and/or "politically correct" causes as OCCUPY and the sort. But when Black Freedom Fighting organizations out on the ground call for any assistance, they suddenly start singing Silence of the lambs."
         -Chairman Fred Jr. POCC/BPPC


Davey D speaks w/ Chairman Fred Hampton Jr & Aaron Mirmalek

When White Folks Say It, It Suddenly Becomes Fact.

"The sad reality, however reality all the same is that when white folks say it. It suddenly becomes fact. Therefore, we should seize the time with this discussion. In which we've been all too clear for far too long. I must add that I believe that Tarantino, similar to other "Great white hopes and/or saviors". Strategically position themselves around the most reactionary negroes/negrises. The most broken Bucs and crushed Concubines for Capitalism.  In order that their bright white shines in contrast to the dull colored conscious of their surrounding company."  --Chairman Fred Jr. POCC/BPPC

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Davey D Interview Sunday Jan. 5, 2013 7 PM PST 10 PM EST

Davey D Will Interview Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr &
  Aaron Mirmalek/DJ Free Leonard 

WHEN:   Sunday Jan. 5, 2013

WHERE: Open Line News on Free Speech TV

TIME:  7 PM PST - 10 PM  EST

         WATCH LIVE
Dish Network Channel 9415 
Direct TV Channel 348

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dave Chappelle Block Party - Mos Def, Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr.

The Panther Cub Code of Culture...Still singin' it, Still bringin' it! Still talkin' it, Still walkin' it! Free 'em All!

Grant Station - Oakland, California

The People have designated this BART station in Oakland, Ca. GRANT STATION. In recognition that we will never forget nor forgive the gunning down of Oscar Grant.  Four (4) years ago at this same said location. Justice for Oscar Grant! Justice For 'Em ALL.

No Presidents Cry For Me...

No Presidents Cry For Me...The uncle, nor the daughter of Oscar Grant saw no emergency Presidential Press Conference. In regard to the state sanctioned snatching of the life of Oscar Grant.

Cephus Johnson, Sophina Mesa, Chairman Fred Jr.

Justice For Em' All!

Justice for Ramarly Graham! Justice for Aaron Harrison! Justice for Gus Rugley! Justice For Oscar Grant! Justice for Alan Blueford! Justice for em'All!

Justice For 'EM ALL!

Justice for Dakota Bright! Justice for Jamal Moore! Justice for Oscar Grant! Justice for Alan Blueford! Justice for Kenneth Harding! Justice for 'em All! 
                         ~ Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.