Prisoners Of Conscience Committee

Prisoners Of Conscience Committee
The Prisoners of Conscience Committee Founded by Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. during the nine years he spent in prison in the 1990's.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Heat Turns More Than Meat Black

It is interesting to say the least how quick cats can identify with Black people and our respective terms when the heat is on. In fact I've struggled with forces before when assessing the Black Power Movement of the 60's.  In which I've positioned that it shouldn't be romantically assessed or dealing with absolutes. With such blanket analysis' as that everyone came together with a collective consciousness in unisons or something of the sort. In fact, the reality is that people come to certain points in struggle through inspiration,aspiration,or desperation. James Brown had a whole totally different song planned prior to being INFLUENCED by the likes of then known H. Rap Brown (Imam Jamil Al-Amin) and other representatives of the Black Power movement of the 1960's. In which James Brown came out of the studio clamoring I'm Black and I'm Proud!. For there was a climate that did not permit for him to pull the stunt he pulled later down the road. As in the Rocky movie,wearing red,white,and blue drawers dancing to" living in America". Initially Michael Jackson said that it doesn't make a difference if you're Black or White.Then when the legal troubles hit, the tune switched to "They don't care about us".Actress Vanessa Williams when winning the Miss America pageant stated that race doesn't matter. Then when confronted with the "colorful" photos. She suddenly became a Sistah.  Sean "Puff Ball" Combs initially positioned that it's "All About The Benjamins". Then when the case in which he and Jennifer "J-Lo"Lopez came from up under. And the artist Shyne "strangely" was sent up state for. Sean Combs sang amongst other thangs that he now wants to do his interviews on BET,The Final Call,....LA Lakers State Spade Kobe Bryant quoted Dr.King ,when?.In some of the latest examples  of  heat heightening consciousness. In response to the NBA Lockout, Ron Artest and other Roman/American Gladiators are suddenly able to identify an Imperialist provided icon,Michael Jordan as a sellout. This sudden observation was not in response to this African-American Athlete coming into the coliseum on the west side of Chicago, Il.. Past the impoverished countless number of colonized youth who have been willing or victims of sending /being sent to the grave. In order to don shoes with the Jordan name. In which he hadn't given a second thought to. This sudden identification of such a caustic classification as a sellout came when he was viewed as crossing out his fellow colored ballplayers. Heat turns more than meat Black!. -Chairman Fred Jr. POCC/BPPC

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