Prisoners Of Conscience Committee

Prisoners Of Conscience Committee
The Prisoners of Conscience Committee Founded by Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. during the nine years he spent in prison in the 1990's.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Comments On Slave Z

Written by King Me , December 05, 2011
Comparing this to Rick Ross/BMF is more disrespectful than a former and unrepentant dope dealer referring to Fred Hampton and himself in the same line. These situations are nothing alike. Fred Hampton's assassination was a sacrifice to us all. We live way too comfy to think that any of us, no matter whether we are conservative or liberal, that he didn't die for us. Although few young ppl take the time to know his story, he is more important that Jay Z. His life and death rocked the world. Generated dialogue. Birthed activists. Put the spotlight on police brutality and government corruption. Jay could sell a trillion records and his life's accomplishments would be nothing in comparison - in part because he has and always will be a shallow son of a bitch, who sold dope, and then laundered dope money through hip-hop, then rapped about dope, then pretended it was all noble and necessary. If Fred Hampton was alive he'd slap the shit out of Jay. And guess what? Jr won't say it - but I guarantee you, he's slap the shit out of Jay too. And that former dope dealer that now keeps company with some of New York's worst capitalist monsters wouldn't do a gotdamn thing - 'cept call those cops. Illuminati uncle tom crack dealing punk.

Slave z
Written by bleu , December 06, 2011
If that is jay-z's way of acknowledging a real black leader, it was kinda done in poor taste. Honestly, the line is not a shot out to Mr. Hampton, i took it more as him talking about how great he is (as he normally does). Jay Z lives in a fake world, were he pops cristal(oops ace of spades) all day, and drive bentleys, and viewing other brothers as there enemies (or haters as he says). Mr Hampton lived in a very real world were black people were fighting just to be considered equal. Jay wants to be loved by white people(even more that blacks), Mr Hampton was fighting for a better life for black people and to bring black people together. So really, whatever comparison Jay Z was making, they are uncomparable. Jay Z in the mordern day house nigga. He stands for nothin.

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