Prisoners Of Conscience Committee

Prisoners Of Conscience Committee
The Prisoners of Conscience Committee Founded by Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. during the nine years he spent in prison in the 1990's.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Coincidence or Capitalism?..

Coincidence or Capitalism?..The Continuing counterinsurgency via the City of Chicago "Celebrates" IRD (International Revolutionary Day) by designating the son of Joe "Machine Gun" Gorman a promotion with the GIU (Gang Intelligence Unit). On of all days, December 4th! Exactly forty-three years to the day in which Joe "Machine Gun" Gorman and other members of the States Atty. Hanrahans hit men came in at 4:30 am with a commitment to change Chairman Fred Hampton into a corpse.  Although many slaves have forgotten. It is continuously made clear that the system has not.   - Chairman Fred Jr. 

 It is continuously made clear that the system has not.- Chairman Fred Jr.

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