Prisoners Of Conscience Committee

Prisoners Of Conscience Committee
The Prisoners of Conscience Committee Founded by Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. during the nine years he spent in prison in the 1990's.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

GUILTY! Young Chairman Fred Shouts Out Lil Wayne/Slave and their Slave Masters

! . . . Young Chairman Fred
shouts out Lil Wayne/Slave
and their Slave masters.
Now, once again, this lame Lil’ Wayne.
Done had the audacity to get behind some beats
and disrespect Black folks.
Although this corrupt ass chump, amogst a whole
bunch of others.
Possess a long litany of crimes.
Just so happens that this time, the respective crime
was to literally, lyrically and politically.
Have this slave sang and spit some shit on the long gone
Emmit Till’s soul.
First of all, fuck the state courts. The community is
charging these criminals.
For the fact is, that we ‘bout fed the fuck up
with these narcissistic ass individuals.
Commercialized coons with a whole lotta cash.
Today’s blackface on stage not doing shit but shaking they ass.
If you don’t believe me. Turn on your T V, and all you gone see
on B E T and M T V.
Is they shining ass faces and bootlickin’ teeth.
Man, this shit done got so sad. That Amos & Andy
Probably say that these mothafuckahs is pitiful.
And just in case Clear Channel and the rest of they
mothafuckin’ handlers didn’t hear me. . .

As opposed to getting’ they work done on they nose,
and injected plastic in they asses.
They should be beggin’ for mercy and getting’
emergency surgery on they vocal chords.
Praying to the Lord for forgiveness for all the damage
‘dey done did on the masses.
GUILTY! . . . All parties involved.
From the politicians, to the production teams right down
to T. Pain and the rest of them pied pipers.
Who be singing & bringing Black babies to the gas chambers.
For while they be going’ to the Grammys.
These victims be getting caught up in the system . . .
by the boat loads to Rikers Island and becoming Lifers.
GUILTY! While they working on rap records
We be getting arrest records.
And while they at the award shows…
We be getting’ body bagged in the morgues.
From the corporate suits that make the decisions.
To the corporations that provide the playlists.
To the mothafuckin’ middlemen.
From W G C I to W V O N . . .
It’s done got too damn comfortable for these coons.
For one couldn’t even imagine NIKKI Garbage, Nelly,
Nor any of these negroes disrespecting Jews.

Let the record reflect, that this is the same system
that made Michael Jackson take action
and omit a word from his hit, faster than
a New York minute.
When he slipped up and made the wrong diss’.
From the counterfeit critics to Jay – Z to his jive ass
From Warren Buffet, to the Braufmans to the rest of
those that benefit.
Man, we’ve been subjected so much to this shame.
That we’ve come to believe that niggers and bitches
are our God given names.
While these liberal ass niggahs keep coppin’ pleas
for these lames . . .
“Chairman, maybe they don’t know no better…”
Well, they gone learn today!
They got this shit so fucked up.
That they definition of charity is donating funds
to the same ones who stuck plungers up Black folks rectums.
Then, the only time they do a benefit.
Is when white folks tell ‘em to come sing
and convince us to turn in our guns.
Long Live Chairman Fred!
Never forget Emmit Till!

Let the Black Panther Party Cub Code of Culture be sang, said, and shouted. From every poetry set to recording studio, to concert hall…Free ‘Em All!”

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