Prisoners Of Conscience Committee

Prisoners Of Conscience Committee
The Prisoners of Conscience Committee Founded by Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. during the nine years he spent in prison in the 1990's.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

CORRECTION - Nominate Chairman Fred - "Best Community Leader" - Vote Wednesday May 29th

Nominate Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.,
"Best Community Leader"
2013 Neighbor Awards

Date: Wednesday May 29th 2013
Time - From 6am to 6pm EST
5am - 5pm CST
6am to 6pm PST
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Nominate Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. "Best Community Leader" In The 2013 Neighbor Awards
Address: Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.
               6250 South Justine Street
                Chicago, Illinois 60636
Phone: 773-256-9451
Where: Your Cell Phone, Your Computer, Your IPAD.
Reason For Nomination: Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. Is a grassroots organizer, the streets are his office. Chairman Fred fights with no budget. His fights include those against police brutality, bringing jobs into the community and freedom.  Chairman Fred is overworked and underpaid. From Trayvon Martin to Mumia Abu Jamal - Chairman Fred fights for the people and has spent a lifetime fighting. 
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  1. I have found that Chairman Fred Jr. is an objective organizer. He doesn't approach the community for what he would like for it to be or, for what it should be. He approaches the community for what it actually is. Chairman Fred analyzes conditions and the community and wins the people to points of unity from a realistic point of view. This is something that he does not take lightly. As Chairman Fred states, he doesn't recommend that everyone eat Chineese food, many couldn't do it without compromising their race or nationalism, for that matter. While in prison, fellow inmates stated that he could show up at the Muslim service, appear at the Church, and talk to various street tribes and still come out Chairman Fred Jr. Chairman Fred commits himself to not only serve those who are conscious and cultured but, also those who may only be enlightened via a concert or other unconventional conscious venues. Yet; he remains clear of who a Steve Harvey is or whoever/whatever the outlet is to reach the people. Chairman Fred remains clear on who a Steve Harvey is as well as, whose interests he serves however; he is able to utilize various outlets to reach the people. CHAIRMAN FRED Hampton Jr. CONTINUES TO SERVE THE PEOPLE NO MATTER WHERE HE IS!!!