Prisoners Of Conscience Committee

Prisoners Of Conscience Committee
The Prisoners of Conscience Committee Founded by Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. during the nine years he spent in prison in the 1990's.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Donald Sterling speaks for the system!.... By Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.

Donald Sterling Speaks for the System!....
By Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. 

 You know in all honesty. 

 I'm kind of surprised and shit.

 That mothafuckahs was surprised and shit.

That White Men behind closed doors on phone calls.

Who happens to be bankrolled by owning a bunch black boys who bounce basketballs. 

Still see them as nothing more... Than mercenaries with money, negroes with big bankrolls, and well paid whores.

From the US President right on down to the NBA Commissioner. 

Those in the know knows how this shit goes. 

For the fact is that what Donald Sterling said. 

Is the same sort of sentiments that if not openly said.  

One thang for sure, two thangs for certain. 

At the minimum, exists in their heads.

  Whether it be the American Gangsters and Banksters. 

 That foreclose on our old folks homes. 

 Or the Interscopes and the rest of those that control those negroes 
      when they go in those studios and put out those songs.

  As well as those cloaked in black robes. 

 Distributing big time to Black folks for small time crimes. 

 Whether it be D-Slave Wade, Lil Wayne or any one of them famous mothafuckin' slaves. 

 The LA Lakers, the Chicago Bears, hell even the Clippers. 

 As well as the rest of them big figure niggahs. 

 Who acting like they all surprised and shit! 

 Like the Roman Gladiators from back in the days.  

Who have been well trained, neutered and spayed.  

Broken, bowed down and warned to be well behaved. 

 Castrated, disconnected from their families and their communities.

  And whether it be directly or indirectly told.

  To only look forward to the Grammys,playoffs,rings,next seasons, and the Super Bowls.

  Now, no sooner than this consistent contradiction within this system be exposed. 

 The NAACP and some mo' state made negroes. 

 Will come running with water buckets and open billfolds. 

 With a slave boat full of celebrity hosts and award shows. 

 All in the interest of doing damage control. 

 For let the record reflect that Donald Sterling speaks for the system!

  And by no means was this criminal expressing an individual position.

  Simply put, he simply put into plain words... 

 Policies, practices, and positions that have been birthed, built, and based. 

 Off of the backs of Blacks.

  And in closing, if there remains to be any questions 
       or speculation in regards to America and its race relations. 

 Donald Sterling, a corporate owner...Yes, owner! 

 That was born and raised and made in the city of Chicago. 

 Has clarified as well as opened some eyes. 

 In regards to race in this place called America.

  In which for all practical and political purposes.

  Chicago still tops the charts in segregation.

  And America, the machevallian machine remains to be a modern day plantation.
--Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.