Prisoners Of Conscience Committee

Prisoners Of Conscience Committee
The Prisoners of Conscience Committee Founded by Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. during the nine years he spent in prison in the 1990's.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Chairman Fred Jr. On Contested Conditions.

In response to a request from Ras Ceylon. A fellow Souljah in the struggle for self determination. To touch and/or address a previous supplied summation. In regards to contested/uncontested conditions. Being that there is no expiration date for the politics. In fact we position that although the particulars may vary and names may change. Regardless of scenario, situation, or schematics. The politics will persist and the summations shall not stale. With that said, there are those that seek solace within a system birthed off of bloodshed. We, on the other hand welcome contradictions. Not in the manner of a masochists. For we too desire a time of tranquility and a climate of calm. However, not at the expense of attempting to compromise the contradiction. Of a proposed peace on the plantation. A sentiment in which we've bumped heads with other schools of thought. From salutations to greetings. For we feel that we must not only fight for, but even preface our greetings with freedom prior to peace. For there can be no peace on the plantation. 

A shadow boxer who has never set foot in the ring. May be presumed the champ from his/her perspective. For without contested conditions cadre and community alike. Can not provide an accurate account of their respective capabilities. 

More work in peace time, less work in work time. Is an old adage that acknowledges the importance of determining, distinguishing, and defining individuals. To not simply limited to that of a climate of a class peace. But in particular, that in times of turmoil. Even as a child coming up in a colonized community. I maintained a mantra that if it be the case. I'd rather catch a misdameanor with a cat. Prior to being thrust head first with a felony. Then finding out this alleged cat was actually a rat. 

A characteristic of the race as well as the class contradiction. The bourgeoise as well as the petty bourgeoise possess an affordability to not be called to task for flagrant false calls that they enact and engage in. This said contradiction can and may be recognized. With a review and recognition of a great number of white privileged progressives. Whom are afforded the lane luxury to temporarily exit the expressway of White power. And walk on the wild side with the colonized. As well as that of a long toll of petty bourgeoise individuals. So detached from the dire conditions of the colonized communities. That they are unable to recognize a repercussion from a reward. A contradiction witnessed amongst other genres ....state sanctioned spokespersons, poverty pimps, and abstract artists ("conscious" and reactionary alike). Whom engage in what the Black Panther Party termed as "murder mouthing". In other words, engaging in all sorts of reactionary rhetoric while the weather is warm. However, during the storm... They're gone!...Or better yet, were never there in all senses of the term.   
- Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. POCC/BPPC

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