Prisoners Of Conscience Committee

Prisoners Of Conscience Committee
The Prisoners of Conscience Committee Founded by Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. during the nine years he spent in prison in the 1990's.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

..Job readiness program then throw you in a community where there are no jobs

."..Job readiness program then throw you in a community where there are no jobs. Commit to seeing a mental therapist ,then place you back in CHIRAQ! Where the Mayor has dismantled all of the Mental Health agencies within the Black Community in particular. Can be likened to teaching a fish how to swim in an aquarium. With controlled conditions,ie; fishermen,GMO fish food,etc.. Then throw the flailing fish out in the Sahara Desert. Simultaneously being saught out by sharks and seamen to be recaptured or ravaged ."-Chairman Fred Jr. On Cook County Mental Health 'Program'.

"CHICAGO – Cook County Jail is exploring a powerful program that could change lives.
The population of the Cook County Jail is more than 9,000 inmates. Of them, it's estimated about 30 percent have mental health issues. At a time when state, county and city mental health centers have all but vanished, Sheriff Tom Dart has made it a priority to address the issue. In what used to be the boot camp facility, a new day is dawning for these inmates. It is now called the mental health transition center. Many of the inmates have mood disorders, but some face bigger challenges, like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, and most have been self-medicating themselves for years. The first six weeks of the program, inmates receive therapy Monday through Friday for 2.5 hours, identify negative behaviors and patterns of self-abuse. The second six weeks, they get job readiness training with the goal of acing an interview for a job once on the outside."

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