Prisoners Of Conscience Committee

Prisoners Of Conscience Committee
The Prisoners of Conscience Committee Founded by Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. during the nine years he spent in prison in the 1990's.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

I Can't Breathe! By Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.

I Can't Breathe!
Ya'll choking me...ya'll choking me! 
I can't breathe!

In one way or another ya'll got me, mine and all of my kind. Locked down behind enemy lines. And I can't leave! 

Ya'll killing me..ya'll killing me!  

From Haiti to Cleveland to Baltimore and DC. Ya'll turning my whole damn community into nothing but a crime scene. Ya'll foreclosing my homes and forcing me out into the streets.

 Ya'll choking me..ya'll choking me.
 I can't breathe!

 In the Chi. ya'll strategically shut down all transportation in the urban areas called the Red line. Then like mad scientists ya'll simultaneously shut down fifty public schools at the same damn time. 

Ya'll choking me. Ya'll choking me. 
And I can't read! 

Like a double edged sword that cut both ways and made me bleed. Ya'll flooded me with water throughout the 9th Ward and the rest of New Orleans. And then denied me and cut off all my water supply in Detroit and left me to die like a mass murderer leaving a crime scene. 

They shooting me...They shooting me! 
And I can't stop bleeding.

In Florida after Ziggerman was clearly the trigger man. And literally gunned that child down. Your corrupt ass courts come quoting some sh*t about 'Stand your Ground'.

They still shooting me. They still shooting me. 
And I'm still bleeding! 

Another child down. This time in Ferguson, Mo.. Or better yet, as we call it now..Mike Brown Town! They electroshocking our sex organs. And after they kill us. Somehow in some strange way our bodies are coming up missing out of them morgues. 

They sticking plungers up our babies rectums.  
Some of us been so dogged out, we stuck in denial. 
While a number of the others got they heads bowed and eyes closed. 

Simply hoping that they baby don't be the next one.
In CHIRAQ! They done shot Ronald Johnson all in his back. 
Then in New York Eric Garner family had to tell his babies that Daddy ain't never coming back! 

They choking me. They choking me! 
And I can't breathe!"

              -Chairman Fred Hampton Jr

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