Prisoners Of Conscience Committee

Prisoners Of Conscience Committee
The Prisoners of Conscience Committee Founded by Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. during the nine years he spent in prison in the 1990's.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

There Are Those that Take Issue of The Reference Of Chicago Being Acknowledged as CHIRAQ!

"There are those that take issue of the reference of Chicago being acknowledged as CHIRAQ! In most cases those that view these brutal realities from what the news says. Or their respective spokesperson tells them from the pulpit or a politician says at a parade. 

They see these images from a safe viewpoint and in many cases can afford the luxury to simply turn the channel or even leave this crime scene of a city.  But those that have to deal with these daily death tolls.  Have made a revolutionary leap by at least acknowledging that this is a war zone. 

The cries have become too loud and the cadavers have become too common. For others to simply tell them, yes we know...but don't say it that way or too hush up and harbor your pain. When the photos of prisoners in Abu Ghrab Bagdad being stripped naked, tortured and dehumanized by guard dogs and prison guards alike. 

A then 17 yr. old boy stated to me, 'Chairman that is not torture.  That is how they process us in Cook County jail'. What was shown to the world of what was happening to prisoners across seas. Was and is the norm for the Statevilles, Pontiacs, Menards, Atticas, Folsoms, SHU's, Pelican Bays and other concentration camps within this country. In fact one of the guards whom was exposed in Abu Ghrab, by the name of Grainier had worked for close to a decade in SCI Green where Mumia Bu Jamal was being held at. 

I commend the colonized community for at least taking a step in the direction of recognizing this problem.  The conditions are so cold in the windy city.  That its subjects are no longer satisfied with the tourist bating euphemisms. They are able to correlate the ever present roaming police SUV's with that of the army tanks throughout Iraq and other places that the system is implementing so-called democracy. They are seeing right through the fraudulent organizations and individuals created by the system to speak for the people and play puppet for the system.  Their daily strip searches and being paraded naked in plain sight by the police is likened to the naked babies being marched through a rice paddy in Viet Nam. 

The foreign merchants who receive financial aid year after year. Who talk down to the community in which profits and provide them with dilapidated goods. Is being seen in the same light as that of the contractors in other countries. They have even began to recognize their counterparts who've been snatched up under the guises of war on gangs, war on drugs and war on guns. As political prisoners. They've acknowledged the stop & frisk policies for what they really are. They are no longer being liberal with the labeling of this war zone of a home...CHIRAQ!"                                                                -Chairman Fred Jr. POCC/BPPC

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