Prisoners Of Conscience Committee

Prisoners Of Conscience Committee
The Prisoners of Conscience Committee Founded by Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. during the nine years he spent in prison in the 1990's.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Stand Your Ground...Slavery, Sharecropping, Seatbelt Checks By Chairman Fred Jr. July 22, 2013

"Forgive me for not making this so-called connection. However, what I see is a continuation of dodging this what seems to be diseased question in this country. This black elephant in the room that even the President of this place beats around the George Bush around when or if aknowledging. That bad word that only the white women professors at the various universities who teach African American studies can approach with calm. That scenario that the slaves no to only speak about in secrecy. That subject matter in which those whoms labor built this modern day babylon. In which is only allowed to be spoke about briefly during the shortest month out of the calendar. If there be any issues regarding this taboo topic. The state has sanctioned it's approved spokespersons as well as nominated its respective nemeses. Most cases being via pastors,poverty pimps,and politicians. Being that even the plantations have had some degree of modernization. 

Media outlets allow such figures as Soledad O'Brian or Roland Martin to moderate this matter in a milk toast type of way. What I am referring to is the matter of RACE! In fact with the mere mention of the word from us. Who came here at the bottom of the boats and were confined to the back of the bus. We chance to be branded by not only the controllers of the corporation but even by the colored overseers as rascists. How the blatant contradiction of the blood of this black child,Trayvon Martin. Whom was gunned down by a white man and was able to walk away.Without a mere slap on the hand by the American judicial system. Has and is being derailed to a question of schematics and legal jargon within the Just-Us system.

 While the colonized communities are commending and clapping for the actions taken by Elvis Presley/Justin Timberlake and Sammy Davis Jr./Shawn slave/jay-z Carter. Boycotting Florida for the Stand your ground laws. Trayvon Martin is dead with yet any justice. Marissa Alexander is behind bars in this same state under the guise of the same law. Whether it be the lethal injection of Shaka Sankofa in Huntsville Texas. Or the 'search warrant' in Detroit Michican that justified law enforcements taking the life of 7 yr. old Ayanna Jones. Or 'administration mismanagement' that caused for countless numbers of casualties in response to Hurricane America/Katrina. Everytime when there is a case and/or contradiction in order to force this issue of race to be recognized. Suddenly johnny come lately train conductors come and derail the discussion. How about a universal call to the system to stop killing niggahs. Whatever euphenisms it may operate through, ie; war on gangs, drugs, guns,...neighborhood watch, etc. If this is at least aknowledged.One would be surprised as to how it would even trikle down and impact conflict within the colonized communities. Or what many refer to as black on black crime. Yes,stop killing us! Black folks, Africans, or whatever term one can unite with in order to call to put this death toll on hold. A debate that we can engage in after we at least are able to mantain a moratorium from this machine murdering us."        -Chairman Fred Jr. POCC/BPPC

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