Prisoners Of Conscience Committee

Prisoners Of Conscience Committee
The Prisoners of Conscience Committee Founded by Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. during the nine years he spent in prison in the 1990's.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sometimes The Stakes Are simply Too High

"At times I must ask for forgiveness for my expression of frustration.  However, oftentimes I believe that my bit of idealism as well as patience like my lack of a bankroll is bordering bankruptcy. As a Cub in this jungle, I must admit that at times it weighs on one. To deal with contradictions and to be in the midst of those that continuously depict their conflict of interest.  Let the record reflect that it is one thing to deal with ignorance.  But it is a different concoction to come into contact with the combination of arrogance and ignorance.  

Sometimes I flashback with a bit of a smile of my earlier organizing days.  Thoughts of absolutes and a bit more idealism.  Such as that everyone can be won to certain points of unity with the people, etc..  However, I suppose that after a certain amount of assassination  attempts on ones life, backstabbers and betrayals.  Rats and reporter backs for the ruling class who happen to be wearing more wires than a walking radio shack.  Capitalist created and controlled cutthroats and con artists camouflaged as if they were comrades. 

Opportunists and revisionists operating like vultures vying to rewrite your timeline even before your actual demise.  Has a way of weighing in.  This is not to say that one capitulates.  But that of recognizing that in this brutal war waged upon our people.  The reality was/is that we have and we will experience causalities.  On this cottin picking, CRACK peddling capitalist controlled plantation. There remains the dichotomy of the house and the field negroe. Sad to say, but the reality is that within in this system. although all of us have been captured. There is a distinguishment of the slave and the enslaved.  And the fact remains that some of us still seek freedom and there are those whom are simply Stockholm. Regardless to how many candles you light in their presence. Or enlistment you provide them and/or exorcisms you perform on them.  For in the stage in this thang, July 2013.

Lets just say, with all due respect. If a cat ain't clear that Rupaul is a man dressed in drag and that Nikki Menage got plastic injected in her ass. And that Nicky Barnes pumped dope through Harlem with a government pass. Nothing personal, but politically speaking. There will be situations in which one may can not afford the luxury to debate or dialogue. As well as it may even present a security risk to struggle with some cats." --Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. POCC/BPPC.. Blood to the horses brow and woe to those who can not swim.

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